MCLABELS Collaborates: Revested

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MCLABELS Collaborates: Revested

MCLabels launches a brand new collaboration!

As for all the other collaborations that we launched until today, we selected a brand whose focus is on quality, innovation and elegance.

And, above all in these days, whats better than a customized cover for your smartphone, lined with high quality Italian fabrics that your friends will all stare giving you so many Ooooh beautiful”?

Yeah, that’s right. This time we teamed up Revested, a new brand born in Milan with an exceptional taste for elegance and practicality.

 “To create unique accessories, we combine the Italian taste, with the traditional craftsmanship from Milan.”

A collection of i-Phone and Samsung covers and power bank cases each with a unique style. The best Italian fabrics and materials to create a sophisticated accessory where modern taste and elegance meet.

It will be soon available on to bring you uniquely crafted everyday accessories.

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What brand will come next?