How to wash your ties

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How to wash your ties

The right knot can elevate your look and outfit. But a stained or otherwise disheveled tie will make you look sloppy. When it comes to the care of a precious accessory as the tie there are many contrasting ideas. So we pulled together the definitive guide on how to take care of your ties.


When you come home from work, even if the first thing you want to do is to get rid of your tie, try to pay a little attention. By pulling the tie off through the knot you can risk to ruin the shape of your tie for good. Take a minute to first loosen the knot and consider reversing the steps you made when tying it in the morning.

The second important step is to hang your tie so the creases will fall out during the night. Treat your self and purchase the right tie rack to have all your ties better organized and stored.

The only exception is knit ties. By hanging them because of their material they can stretch and loose their original shape. Better store them loosely rolled up in a drawer.


The best choice is not to wash your tie as the delicate materials and stitching can resent. But if you have just spilled some coffee on it and you have no other choice then read the tips below.

One key point is: never wash your ties in the washing machine. Ties should be hand washed or dry cleaned depending on the material, that’s it.


Ties can be maid of many different materials but considering that silk and wool ones are the most common we are gonna focus on them.

Keep in mind that the best solution would be to bring it to a professional dry cleaner. But if you are in an emergency, there is still something you can do.

Try one of these methods and let us know if they worked!

The key is to act as fast as you can. First take a white napkin and blot the stain, don’t rub it yet. If you have some sparkling water then wet the towel and sand onto the stain.

For the second step you have few solutions. Before starting, take off your tie so you don’t risk to wet or transfer the stain to your suit or shirt.


  • take a piece of castile soap and rub it dry on the stain (if you are in the office and only have liquid soap use a tiny, tiny drop of it and use a white napkin to rub it)
  • take a clean and white towel or napkin, wet it the least that you can and rub the stain until all the soap is gone.


  • apply some talcum powder and let it sit for few minutes or hours if you have time
  • brush the powder off using a clean and soft cloth

If the stain is not too difficult it should be gone now. Otherwise repeat the process a couple of times. Most of the stain should be gone. If you can still see the ring of the stain, better bring it to a professional cleaner.