MCLABELS Collaborates: Mialuis

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MCLABELS Collaborates: Mialuis

MClabels launches a new collaboration with an emerging brand of handmade bags: MiaLuis.

MiaLuis was born in 2010 and since then the focus of the brand has been the perfect combination between quality, style and practicality.

The designer, Maria Elena Vallone, explains:

“That’s the way for me to create every bag, unique and original. A strong personality derived from a wise manufacturing and a skillful dyeing of the skin, obtaining bags always different among the others”

Every single bag designed has a specific name which actually refers to real people, who left a sign, a memory, a trace in the designer’s life.

Each collection is different from one another, each bag is a unique piece of art, even though some characteristics can be found through the years. The key desire of the brand is to experiment and find new solutions, new ideas over and over again. 

MCLabels desire on the other end, thanks to our widespread community of customers and buyers, is to bring these precious pieces at your fingertips. So many ideas are already growing to nurture this collaboration, so you better subscribe to our newsletter not to miss any.

So many new dreams are about to be unboxed, and we couldn’t be happier.

PS: if you are looking for a special and unique Christmas gift, a capsule collection exclusive on MCLABELS.COM is about to come :)

The collection will be soon available on