How do you pack? EPISODE 2

"When I try to pack for a trip, I am usually confused for 10 min and I procrastinate like a champion. Trying to think about it brings sweat...
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How do you pack? EPISODE 1

"I take all the pieces I love from my wardrobe and then I start to mix and match them creating the perfect outfit". Our first talk with...
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How do you pack?

Holidays are on their way and with them the packing nightmare will soon hit us. How should I pack? Better a trolley or a backpack? How many...
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The right jeans for you.

The right pair of jeans to hide those little imperfection you don't really like about yourself.
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3 STYLE IDEAS to try out this Summer

Three outfit ideas to try this Summer. They are simple, won't cost you a fortune and will make you look stylish and cool. Wanna know which...
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Four bags we love and that won't cost you a fortune.

I know that you dreamy bag is unique and irreplaceable, but there are many designers-bags which will make you look super cool anyway and won't...
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